Fawn Creek Neighborhood

A great place to live and grow up!

The Fawn Creek Neighborhood’s goal is to have a safe and friendly neighborhood.

  • Next Meeting will be on December 10th 2023.

    Details will be provided later.

Our responsibilities are: 

  • Annual Dues to be paid $200 per household
  • Have our standard mailboxes presentable
  • Garbage cans moved out of sight after a day
  • Don’t park trailers on the driveway for longer than 1 week
  • Don’t park boats on driveway or street longer than 1 week

The following are the responsibilities of a Fawn Creek  Resident:: 

  • Attend Fawn Creek meetings to discuss issues that affect us as residents of the area.  We hold these usually in November of every year.  We have been doing them via Zoom lately.
  • Be aware of, and abide by Fawn Creek Covenants
Party Time at the Kuhl's home