Fawn Creek Neighborhood

A great place to live and grow up!

The Fawn Creek Neighborhood’s goal is to have a safe and friendly neighborhood.

Our responsibilities are: 

  • Annual Dues to be paid
  • Have our standard mailboxes presentable
  • Garbage cans moved out of sight after a day
  • Don’t park trailers on the driveway for longer than 1 week
  • Don’t park boats on driveway or street longer than 1 week

The following are the responsibilities of a Fawn Creek  Resident:: 

  • Annual dues of $200.00 per household (2020)
  • Attend Fawn Creek meetings to discuss issues that affect us as residents of the area.
  • Review listed information in the directory for accuracy.
    • User Name: (your email)
    • Password: (phone number no dashes)
  • Be aware of, and abide by Fawn Creek Covenants